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Pocopson Elementary has our own television studio and equipment which produces news and special event programming for local and streaming broadcasts.


Each of our fifth grade students has an opportunity to volunteer and participate in running our tv studio.

In order for the production of the morning news show to be successful, each student must take responsibility for their role. They must be present at rehearsals, meet deadlines, and follow through on designated tasks. As important as taking responsibility for individual roles, the production staff has to collaborate to produce a quality show. They must listen to their peers, learn to offer and receive feedback in a positive manner, and be a team player.

Participation is a beneficial experience for students at every academic achievement level.

There are also school wide benefits to the morning news show. It often becomes part of a classroom’s morning routine to turn on the morning news and watch together. Teachers and students have come to depend on it as an effective way to distribute information and reminders to all teachers and students on a daily basis.

Viewing the news also gives students a sense of connection. Our principal, Mr. Beaver, and our guidance counselors are often on our news show which helps make connections with the students. This, along with featuring a variety of students, helps build a sense of community.

In addition to these worthy benefits, the morning news show can be used for school wide curriculum enrichment that engages students at very grade level.

You can view the live-stream or past news and events by visiting our YouTube channel.